Breyers By Mail


April 2018. We are changing our name to Ultra Choice Model Horses soon.EBay ID and Facebook page will be changed as well. 


Breyers By Mail now has Copperfox Models. Please visit Model Horse Sales Pages MH$P or Ebay ID breyersbymail1991 to purchase.



Breyer Dealer since 1991


2017 UPDATE:

As of September 14 ,2015 Breyer has dissolved their business relationship with us due to an item mistakenly being listed on our site at 99 cents below allowed sales price. UPDATE: 2017 We have tried to restore this by reaching out to the CEO of Reeves International parent company of Breyer. This is a 25 year business has come to an end over a 99 cent error. They will not even discuss the matter. That's right - they will not even discuss it. How many times orders from them were wrong does not matter. Look here for vintage Breyer items, books, and Rio Rondo items.




Bonnie Valentine